About Us

Growing up with strict parents ultimately led me to finding other indoor activities. Being inside for too long; I became an introvert (as the kids call it now a days), but I was ok with it, because: “Oh yeah that’s right I’m doing me,” so you know “YOLO”. I don’t care I love video games and if you’re still reading this, then I know you have that love and compassion for video games too! Now how about when a relative or friend would come over, for example, perhaps during holiday parties, but there would be this issue. The issue is that unfortunately the new console I just received only comes with ONE CONTROLLER! You check online and find out that it cost damn near a brand new video game, if not more sometimes! I’m certain that most of you have tried shopping for video game accessories such as the console’s gaming controller and came to the realization that those controller prices are ridiculous. Paying too much for a controller to play with others was a setback. Either it was the video game or the controller. You all see the dilemma here? I know most of you can relate. I found a way to identify trends before they happen and create trends of my own. This allowed me to have a unique selection of products so I can provide you, my brother from another mother, or you, my sister from another mister, with the best quality products at fair prices. I’m proud of being your destination for finding all of your favorite products. Join the movement today and become part of the trend that everyone will be talking about. Shop Good Game Bros for the best prices and allow yourselves to enjoy the gaming experience with others!